C program to copying the array into another array

Write a program in C to copying the array into another array. In this blog, we are going to learn how to create a program to copy one array into another array

Sample input and output

original array : arr=[10,52,78,96,63]

copied array : arr2=[10,52,78,96,63]


  • Include library and declare the main method with void as return type
  • Initialize required variables
  • Using loops for operating logic
  • Print output with a suitable message

C program to copying the array into another array

void main(){
int i;
int arr[5]={10,52,78,96,63};
int arr2[5];
printf("original array is\n");
  printf("%d ",arr[i]);
printf("\ncopied array is\n");
printf("%d ",arr2[i]);	

Explanation of the code

On-Line no:1 include library

On-Line no:2 declare the main method with void as its return type

On-Line no:3 initialize the array and variable

On-Line no:4 initialize another array in which we are going to copy the original array

On-Line no:5 command to print original array

On-Line no:6 using for loop to print the array

On-Line no:7 printing the element

On-Line no:8 closing the scope of the for loop we use for printing the array

On-Line no:9 again using the for loop to copy the array

On-Line no:10 copying the array for original to the new one

On-Line no:11 scope close of for loop

On-Line no:12 printing the message

On-Line no:13 one more time for loop to print the new array

On-Line no:14 print the copied element

On-Line no:15 closing the scope of for loop

On-Line no:16 closing the scope of  the main method


In this blog, we have covered a part of the array in which we copy an array to another  array