How to drop Database in MYSQL

How to drop the database in MySQL. In this MYSQL tutorial will see how to drop a database or schema from MYSQL Command prompt or Command to drop MySQL database.

Below is the example to drop a database in MYSQL. To perform this practical example Prefer MYSQL tutorial to create a database. Once you have a database you can fire a drop command from MYSQL CMD.

DROP database

When you find that there is lots of unimportant database available in your server, and you want to delete anyone you can use DROP command. With the help of the DROP command, you can delete, remove, or drop any database.

DROP DATABASE database_name;



With this command, you can not only delete the database but also, can create space in your server, by removing unwanted databases from your server or web. When there are lots of databases it can create confusion as well as, slows down your server.

It is recommended that an unused database or unwanted database should be removed/deleted/ or dropped from the server.