How to Install MYSQL Database

MYSQL is an opensource database and its really simple to install MYSQL, Here in this MYSQL tutorial will see how to install MYSQL in Windows.

The latest version of MYSQL is 8.0 but for all the MySQL tutorial we are using 5.7.14. The process and all the commands will work in MYSQL 8.0 also so you can go with MYSQL 8.

Steps to install MYSQL

Like any other software MySql also include step by step installation method. The latest version of MySql is 8.0.15, which you can install in the Windows operating system.

  • After downloading the file install MySql Server
  • Configure MySql server 8.0.15 in your system
  • Start and stop the MySql Console
  • Test the installation process that it’s working fine

Like this, you can install the MySql installation package in your windows operating system. Next, we will discuss the basic building block of MySql in this tutorial.

MySql Syntax

The general syntax for MySql is
MySQL _function (value, value …);

How to Install MYSQL workbench in Windows

MYSQL provides GUI support also that is MYSQL workbench. It is really cool to manage the database operation below is the complete step by step video tutorial to Install MYSQL in the window with MYSQL workbench.