Python program to find an element from the array

Write the python program to find an element from the array.  In this Python Programming example, let’s see How to perform a linear search in Python or find the element from an array using a different method.


  • Take input from the user, declare a vacant list
  • Using loop to take input and append in list
  • Check the condition
  • Print the output

Python program to find an element from the array

a=int(input("enter size of array:"))
for i in range(a):
    b=int(input("enter element:"))
c=int(input("enter the element to search:"))
for i in range(a):
    if lst[i]==c:
        print("element is",lst[i])
        print("at index",i)
        print("at position",i+1)

Explanation of the code

Step 1 taking input of size of the array

Step declaring the list to use further use

Step 3 for loop to run the same code for the given number of times

Step 4 take input of element

Step 5 appending the element into the list

Step 6 printing the list

Step 7 taking another input to check the element

Step 8 for loop to access the element again

Step 9 checking the element and the accessed element again

Step 10 printing the element

Step 11  printing the index of the element

Step 12 printing the position of the element


In this blog, we had learned how to find an element from an array using simple linear search algorithm