Python program to find second largest element of an array

Write a python program to print the second largest element in an array taken from the user. In this article, we are going to use multiple list methods to find the second largest element in an array

What is an array?

The array is just a list of similar datatype

for example a=[14,15,86,5,89,52] here all the elements are integer which denotes its an array


  • Taking input how much element we want in the array
  • Add the element one by one in the list and print the list
  • Then print the second largest element of that array

Python program to print the second largest element of an array

a= int(input("enter the number of element want in a array:"))
for i in range(a):
    b=int(input("enter element: "))
print("the entered list",lst)
print("new array after removing duplicates",lst)
print("second largest number in a array",lst[len(lst)-2])

Explanation of the Code

On-Line no:1  we took input from the user how many he want in the array

On-Line no:2 creating a list so that we can append element which user gives

On-Line no:3 iterating the loop for the number of times which user gives

On-Line no:4 taking input and converting into integer type

On-Line no:5 appending it to list we created before

On-Line no:6 printing the list we created

On-Line no:7 now using the set  method  to remove duplicate  elements from the array

On-Line no:8 printing the new array we created using the set method

On-Line no:9  now converting back the set to list

On-Line no:10 sorting the list using  sort method 

On-Line no:11 printing the required element using len method and then accessing the element by index


We want an array of 4 elements and elements are 14, 45, 89, 78 and we want the second largest element that is 78


In this module, we have learned how to print the second element of an array.