Text Editor to write HTML code

 HTML editor is the program to write and edit the code of HTML in a written text For creating and adjusting the webpage.  Let us understand the HTML text editor in detail.

What is an HTML Editor?

  • The HTML text editor is the software program that helps to document HTML elements and structure it.
  • HTML editor also translates the written HTML text into other scripting languages.
  • HTML text editor i like notepad is basic for learning HTML elements.
  • HTML  editors with different features and versions help to write the code easily.
  • HTML editor makes the code look clean and organized.

 How to use HTML Text Editor?

Notepad:  It is normal text editor software present in most of the operating the system, it helps beginners to learn HTML code in a simple manner.

   Step 1:  Open a text editor and create a new file.

Step 2:  Write the HTML code in the Editor.


  Step 3:  Save the HTML code from the text editor with the extension of .html


   Step 4:  Open the HTML page saved in your device and click right to open the browser and the text.


 Features of HTML Editor :

  • WYSIWYG Editor feature helps to view the HTML code on the web page while editing it simultaneously. It is also called “ What You See Is What You Get Mode”.
  • There are many types of online editors and downloadable editors present 
  • For eg; Notepad++ and PlayCode.
  • For ease and multifunction features, Advance Editor use Integrated 
  • Development Environment.

 Popular HTML  Editors

  Eg 1. Visual Studio Code :

  •  It is a multi-platform and multi-language editor that also has a smart autocomplete feature.
  •  it is used for many projects like CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages.
  •  It has an integrated live server also.


Eg 2. PlayCode :

  •  It is an open-source multipurpose editor.
  • It is an online HTML editor.
  • It has a fast compiler and is capable of creating a whole Application.


Eg 3. Bracket :

  • It is a downloadable open-source HTML Editor.
  • A live preview of HTML text is available.
  • It also has a split view and an inbuilt online extension present.