What is BDD automation

BDD Automation is a bridge between technical and non-technical people around the application. Let’s understand the concept of BDD automation in detail.

What is Behavior Data-Driven(BDD)

BDD is a technique or we can say a way of programming. Way to establish collaboration between stakeholder, developer, and tester.


“Using examples at multiple levels to create a shared understating and surface uncertainty to deliver software that matters.”
By Dan North

Let’s see the Behavior Driven Development (BDD approach) In detail as a QA.

In BDD approach Scenario is provided by the Stakeholder/Customer/User which verifies the tester as manual testing as well as automation. QA writes automation step definitions according to the feature file(Scenario).

BDD Tools for Automation

  • Cucumber
  • Spec flow
  • Jasmine
  • Serenity
  • Mspec

What is Test-Driven Development(TDD)

TDD is an approach to achieve the automation of the test cases which is derived from the requirements.
Which is performed on the Unit level, Module-level or Component level? Suitable for functional testing.

Let’s see the Test-Driven Development (TDD approach) In detail as a QA.

According to the requirements, Dev/Tester writes the manual test case scenario. Then the script was well written according to the manual test cases.

TDD Approach ==> Write test ==> Test Fails ==> Write Code ==> Test Passes ==> Re factor

TDD tools for automation

There are lots of tools which is used to perform TDD Approach but the most common tools are listed below


An automation framework mostly used by the developer to automate the unit test cases.


An automation framework used by QA to perform functional automation using selenium web driver and Java.


An automation framework used by QA to perform functional automation using selenium web driver and C sharp(C#).

Advantages of BDD automation

  • Easy to understand for not technical users also.
  • Fill the gap between automation engineer and stack owner.
  • Transparent process.
  • Provide strong collaboration.

Things to remember about BDD Automation

  • All the BDD automation tools follow the Gherkins format.
  • The most demanding BDD automation tools are Cucumber and Specflow.
  • Cucumber for Java.
  • Sepcflow for C#.