Write C program to print square pattern

Write a program in C to print square patterns. In this C programming example, we will learn how to create a square pattern program in C.

Algorithm to print square pattern

  • Declare a three-variable
  • Then take an input with the help of scanf .
  • Take a for loop in 2d dimensions and in loop initialize the variable , give conditions and increment it .
  • Then print output with suitable patterns .

C program to print square pattern

void main (){
  int i,j,r;
   printf("enter rows ");

Explanation of the C Program

Step 1 : Start.

Step 2 : Create header file and include the library (stdio.h).

Step 3 : Create void main function .

Step 4 : Then declare the three variables (i,j,r).

Step 5 : Create an input with help of scanf for taken input from user , for r variable.

Step 6 : Create a for loop in 2d dimensions and in 2d dimensions take two for loop like; take a for loop and initialize the variable (i) ,give conditions and increment it , then a for loop in for loop and then in 2 for loop initialize the second variable (j),give condition and increment it.

Step 7 : Then print ‘*’ character in the second loop and print ‘\n’ in the first loop for sequential pattern print .

Step 8 : End .

Output :


Thus, in this way we learned how to create a star pattern in  C programing.