Specflow Tutorial Course Content

In this, Specflow tutorial series. We will see the DBB automation with the help of spec flow. All the important terms that are used during the BDD automation or In the Specflow. we will discuss this in detail in upcoming tutorials. Below is the summary of the Complete Speflow Tutorial.

Specflow tutorial

BDD Automation

  • What is a Behavioral data-driven approach for automation?
  • What is TDD?
  • When we should use TDD?
  • What is BDD

Gherkin language

  • What is Gherkin with syntax and example?
  •  Important Keywords used in Gherkin language.
    •  Feature
    • Background
    • Scenario
    • Given
    • When
    • Then
    • And
    • But
    • Scenario Outline Examples.

What is Specflow?

  • Feature file in Specflow.
  • Step definition in Specflow.
  • Example to write a test case in spec flow.

Tables in spec flow

  • What are tables in spec flow
  • Scenario outline
  • Tables Vs Outline

Scenario Context

  • What is the Scenario context?
  • How to pass data from one step to another step.

Data-Driven automation with Specflow

  • Data-driven automation in Specflow.
  • Data-driven automation in Specflow using scenario outline.
  • Data-driven automation in Specflow using external files.

Install Specflow in Visual Studio

  • Step-by-step installation of Specflow with C# and Visual Studio.
  • BDD automation framework with Specflow.