String Functions in MYSQL with examples

It performs various operations on strings based on the requirements of the program.

MySqlIF It will return a value based on the condition used
MySqlIFNULL It returns the first argument if the value is not Null else it will return the second argument
MySqlNULLIF When the first argument is equal to the second, then it will return a null value, otherwise, it will give the second argument
MySqlCASE If when condition is satisfied result will come in Then part otherwise the result will come in ELSE part
MySql CAST Value of any type can be converted into the value of a specified type with the help of cast statement
LAST_INSERT_ID It will give the sequence of the Record which is inserted lastly,



SELECT COUNT (aggregate_expression)
FROM table_name
[WHERE conditions];
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM employee_tbl
WHERE name="Zara";