Write a C program to print the prime factors of a number

Write a program to print the prime factors of a number. In this C Program example, we are going to create a C program to find the prime factor of the number.

What is a Prime Factor?

Prime factors are factors of a number that is prime.

Example: 3 and 5 are prime factors of 15.

Algorithm of Prime Factor

  • Start with including library and declaring variables,
  • Performing  an operation to get prime factor,
  • In the end, print all of them with the appropriate message.

C Program to find Prime Factor of the Number

//factor of a number
void main(){
int x,i;
printf("enter the number:");
printf("%d ",i);

Explanation of the Source Code

  • On-Line no:1  commenting out the topic
  • On-Line no:2 including library to take input and to give output
  • On-Line no:3 initializing main method with void as its return type
  • On-Line no:4 declaring the variables with their datatypes
  • On-Line no:5  printing the command to the user for getting the input
  • On-Line no:6 using the scanf method to take input
  • On-Line no:7 now comes to the logic part to iterate the condition again and again the loop starts with 2 and runs until the condition given became false  with increment each time
  • On-Line no:8  using the while loop to check the condition again and again until it became false
  • On-Line no:9 printing  the prime factor we get from the logic
  • On-Line no:10 updating the user given value for iteration again
  • In the end, we close the scopes of the various method and functions we had opened earlier


In this way,  we learned how to create a program in C to find the prime factor of the number.