Overview of Redux

In this tutorial about the working of react and redux, how they can be used together. We will learn overall about integration of redux, about the redux. But after Hooks and Context API redux is being used less. This is not the beginners’ topic though.

What is Redux?

Redux is the state container which store all the states of the JavaScript apps. It’s not compulsory to use it with react. We have various reasons to use Redux.

What can we do with Redux?

  1. Managing State
  2. UI + Redux
  3. Redux Middleware

Redux is a cycle that is carried out in this sense.

  • This Cycle starts with User wants to manipulate or update state or change in UI.
  • Then passed to dispatch these actions.
  • Action reaches to reducers
  • Reducer Update the information in the Central Store where all our states are stored.
  • And then it is passed to components, state as props
  • And the Components are re-rendered with updated state/UI